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Two Seed

Since retiring from his successful career as a business executive, David Chirls has been able to devote more time to his various charitable pursuits. Since 2011, Mr. Chirls has served as a senior advisor with Two Seed, an enterprise software company that specializes in facilitating employee volunteering initiatives that are designed to help businesses and foundations make a positive difference within their communities.

With representatives in Brooklyn, New York, and Berkley California, Two Seed strives to make volunteer community service easier by encouraging corporations, small companies, non-profit organizations and civic-minded individuals to work more closely with one another. Two Seed’s operating platform connects employees and employers, helping them to find local charitable opportunities and allowing them to share their experiences in a constructive fashion. By employing techniques pioneered by social media and gaming outlets, Two Seed provides an efficient and effective way for businesses to encourage their staff members’ volunteer endeavors and to recognize and reward their outstanding efforts.

David Chirls currently oversees strategic planning for Two Seed and further assists in managing the growth and development of the burgeoning Internet company.

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David Chirls: Promoting Volunteerism Through Social Media

In order to engage current volunteers and attract new ones, organizations need to utilize social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media platforms spread news about community engagement opportunities and can be extremely effective methods for promoting specific events and the missions of organizations. Sharing news and happenings through social media allows potential volunteers to learn about ways to help with relative anonymity. Nonprofit groups and charities are beginning to explore ways to raise funds through social media, in addition to their previous efforts to use these sites as recruiting tools.

When organizations attract volunteers through Facebook, Twitter, or similar social media networks, it is important to direct messages to people—whether students, professionals, or retirees—who can provide the particular kind of help needed. Also, an organization should be frank about the scope of the volunteer work, including the times and precise activities involved. Finally, mention some specific benefits for volunteers who choose to work with your organization, including interpersonal growth, networking, and skill development.

To begin recruiting volunteers through Facebook, your group can easily create a fan page on the site. Ask current volunteers to become fans of your page through “liking” it, and ask them to invite their friends to do the same. Specific volunteer opportunities and sign-up areas may be added to your Facebook page’s calendar. Follow up by sending individual messages to potential participants—doing so can begin a personalized conversation and confirm event attendance. Your group can generate hashtags on Twitter (for example, #volunteer) to alert followers to ways to become involved. Additionally, linking Facebook and Twitter pages to videos and photos of previous events may help define and personalize the culture of your organization.

David Chirls
is a senior advisor to Brooklyn, New York-based social media start-up Two Seed.

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