About David Chirls

As a respected business executive with nearly two decades of experience, retired professional David Chirls spent the latter years of his career pursuing his interest in architecture. After leaving his corporate communications company in 1995, Mr. Chirls enrolled at the Pratt Institute in New York City. Pursuing studies in architecture, he graduated with highest honors with a Bachelor of Arts in 2000. David Chirls joined New York architecture firm DiDonno Associates Architects, PC in 1998. He designed and created drawings and specifications for a range of new housing and renovation projects. The scope of his duties included schematics for country residences and final design documents for brownstones.

After moving with his family to Princeton, New Jersey, in 2000, David Chirls joined the prestigious local architecture firm of Maximillian Hayden Architect. While working at Maximillian Hayden, Mr. Chirls managed the operations of the firm, serving as a point of contact between clients and contractors. He also oversaw the conception, design, and production of a wide selection of residential housing projects, including new housing, additions to already-built homes, and renovations. In the following year, Mr. Chirls switched to Andrew Sheldon Architect, where he focused on most on the management and production of renovations before retiring completely in 2002.

Prior to his architecture career, David Chirls worked extensively in the field of business at the executive level over the course of more than a decade. He started as an Intern and then Manager at Citibank, N.A. for four years. Then Mr. Chirls worked at the executive level at the investment banking firm of Shearson/American Express Inc., where he helped to build the company’s first marketing team. After two additional years of providing information management services at American Express Company, he joined MasterCard International. He developed several products and services currently seen as industry standards, including the ProCard and purchase insurance. Subsequently, he led his own company, Visual Design Group, Inc., which became one of the largest corporate communications firms in the United States, for the next six years. In 2011, he came out of retirement to become a Senior Advisor of social media start-up TwoSeed in Brooklyn, New York.


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