Architects with the Most Historical Significance, by David Chirls

An architect serves both artistic and functional purposes, drafting plans for buildings that must not only be structurally sound and maximize productivity and spatial efficiency, but must also provide aesthetic appeal and reflect the identity of an individual or business.

Certain architects throughout history, including the ones listed below, have mastered their craft and achieved both of these aspects and are remembered for their significant contributions.

-Frank Lloyd Wright is often called America’s most reputable and famous architect. Never having attended any school for architecture, Wright is responsible for the design of more than 1,000 buildings, at least 400 of which still stand today.

-Spanish modernist Antoni Gaudi was a leading architect in his time, drawing influence from sculpture and nature to produce buildings that are distinctive and singular in design. The Spanish city of Barcelona named his Casa Calvet the Building of the Year in 1900.

Architect David Chirls has performed design and production for several firms, including Andrew Sheldon Architects, Maximillian Hayden Architects, and DiDonno Associates Architects, Inc.

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