Storm King School Promotes the Educational Value of Athletic Competition By David Chirls

Participating in sports at the high school level helps children establish good exercise habits that will help them stay healthy for the rest of their lives. Beyond the physical benefits, however, athletics in school can provide boosts in other areas of children’s lives, such as the following benefits.

—Reinforcement of patience, persistence, and practice. These three skills are essential to achieving most feats in the adult world. Learning them in a concrete way through sports practice and team play helps familiarize children with them early.
—Opportunities to develop mentorship relationships. Bonding with adults can be difficult in a classroom setting, but on the field or court, barriers seem less intimidating. Positive adult role models can guide children through college and beyond.
—Learning to win and lose with grace. No matter what college and career path a student chooses, victories and failures await. The ability to gracefully handle both contributes to a more well-adjusted life.

About David Chirls

David Chirls currently serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Storm King School. In his private life, Mr. Chirls enjoys the athletic pursuits of skiing and playing golf.

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