David Chirls: The Storm King School

Founded as a private institution in 1867 by Reverend Louis Ledoux, the Cornwall Heights School later came under the subsequent directorship of Carlos H. Stone and was redesignated the Stone School. Since 1923, it has borne its present name of the Storm King School, reflecting its location on the school’s namesake mountain. The school’s campus is nestled in the bucolic town of Cornwall-on-Hudson.

Located about 45 miles north of New York City on the west bank of the Hudson River, the school’s current enrollment stands at approximately 140 students. Originating from 13 countries and 10 states, the student population of the Storm King School is 41% female and 59% male, with 85% boarding students and 15% enrolled as day students.

The Storm King School strives for its students to develop a strong moral character and a sense of community centered on healthy choices. The institution features a curriculum of outstanding academics, but also an integrative experience that includes the arts, cultural activities, community service, and outdoor education. The Storm King School is affiliated with the Black Rock Consortium, a community group that oversees the nearby 3,600-acre Black Rock Forest.

Extensive information about the multifaceted offerings of the Storm King School is available at www.sks.org.

David Chirls is the Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Storm King School.

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