David Chirls Discusses Corporate Benefits of Employee Volunteerism

As a way of encouraging teamwork and strengthening communication, many companies are implementing employee volunteer programs as a way to give back to their communities. Below, retired architect and business communications executive David Chirls highlights ways office culture is shifting to include a variety of employee volunteer opportunities. Mr. Chirls serves as a senior advisor for Two Seed, a social media start-up fostering corporate community initiatives.

Q: On a broad scale, why is it important for businesses to implement employee volunteerism?
A: Through organizing volunteer opportunities, companies take an active role in building positive office morale for all team members and can create an improved corporate climate. In addition, establishing an employee volunteer program allows firms to become engaged in community-based problem solving that can carry over into the workplace.

Q: Can you identify some of the main incentives for companies that implement volunteer programs?
A: It’s important to remember that employees and the greater community benefit from volunteerism as much as companies. That said, many businesses offering a volunteer component report an improved public image and company reputation, a more motivated and productive staff, and an easier time retaining quality employees.

Q: Are there options for companies without extra financial resources to launch inexpensive volunteer initiatives?
A: Absolutely. Businesses can partner with their local Corporate Volunteer Councils across the country in order to find low-cost volunteer involvement programs. In addition, companies can choose to partner with local volunteer centers staffed with trained coordinators offering pre-established community connections.

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